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Union Beach, NJ

About Union Beach

A quiet Bayside community with a beautiful beach that offers incredible views of the NYC Skyline. Early risers can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunrises while taking a stroll along the waterfront. A hidden little treasure only a few minutes from Exit 117 on the GSP, this is mostly a residential town of approximately 6,300 residents.  


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Jakeabob's Bay

This is a very unique beach bar right on the Union Beach waterfront that offers amazing views of New York City. They operate through an outdoor mobile kitchen with a custom wooden tiki bar, tons of patio seating and live music. You can't leave without trying one of their rum buckets!

Princess Maria's Pizza

This hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is right next to the Henry Hudson Trail and offers quality slices of pizza, mostly being known for their delicious Grandma slice.

Princess Maria's Pizza
Union Beach Beachfront

Union Beach Pier

Union Beach offers an excellent fishing pier with low crowds and a beautiful view.