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Waterfront Seller Information

We understand that selling your home is not only a financial decision, but for many homeowners a very emotional one as well.
This is why our approach to marketing your home is professional as well as personal. 


We realize that your home is unique. There is no other one exactly like it. Therefore, once we have toured your home our first step in marketing is to have a conversation with you. Learn what you loved about your home, about upgrades and improvements that you have made, and explore future options for the next homeowner. 


We understand that no two homes are the same just as no two Realtors are the same. 

The Difference

Susan Montanti and her group understand the importance of communication. It is the number one reason why a sale goes smoothly or becomes a disaster. It is not only the communication between the agent and seller, but your agent and the buyers agent, the attorneys, the township, the appraiser, the inspectors, the mortgage company and possible contractors. Susan has successfully sold over 100 sales in the last 3 years. She attributes  her extensive experience of over 25 years combined with a client-first work ethic and an outstanding team to this success. 

The Decision

Living in a Waterfront home or Waterfront Community offers an exceptional Life Style to potential buyers. This website combined with our social media presence and print material have been designed specifically to highlight the many benefits of living by the water. We are dedicated to continuously updating, promoting and featuring Real Estate, businesses, history, and community information to ensure is "the" place to go for everything along the Bayshore and Jersey Shore. 

Contact Susan Montanti at 732-895-5923 or go to the contact us to request an appointment. 

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